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Vaccines today: Challenges in vaccination delivery and evidence for practice

26 January, 2018

On the 26th January 2018, the HPRU in Immunisation held a one-day event: Vaccines today: Challenges in vaccination delivery and evidence for practice. This event, which took place at King's College London, was an opportunity to share and gain feedback on some of our research findings at the HPRU in Immunisation. The event included interactive workshops and a panel question and answer session. The overarching topics for the day were vaccine communication, addressing inequalities in programme delivery, school-based immunisation and adolescent consent, and the value of vaccines in society. The event included the following talks:

Morning sessions: 
Jo Yarwood (Public Health England) and Tracey Chantler (HPRU in Immunisation Theme 3*): The UK child and adolescent vaccination programme;
Helen Donovan (Royal College of Nursing) and Sara Thomas (HPRU in Immunisation Theme 1*): Vaccines for all: identifying and addressing inequalities in vaccination access;
James Wilson (University College London) and Mark Jit (HPRU in Immunisation Theme 2*): Vaccination, solidarity and the social contract

Afternoon workshops:
Helen Bedford (University College London) and Pauline Paterson (HPRU in Immunisation Theme 3*): Addressing challenging questions about vaccinations; 
Tracey Chantler (HPRU in Immunisation Theme 3*), Jo Ferrie (NHS England) and Harriet Batista Ferrer (University of Bristol): Consent in vaccination programmes;  
Sara Thomas and (HPRU in Immunisation Theme 1*) Tim Crocker-Buque (HPRU in Immunisation Theme 3*): Reducing inequalities in vaccination uptake 
Mark Jit, Rosalind Eggo, Katherine Atkins, James Munday, Naomi Walker and Nicholas Davies (all from the HPRU in Immunisation Theme 2*): Contagion - Can a computer tell us how to save lives? 
Approximately 150 people, mainly student nurses, midwives and health visitors, attended the event. The event was rated as either good, very good or excellent by 99% of the 91 attendees completing an evaluation form for the day. We would like to thank our speakers and everyone that attended Vaccines today: Challenges in vaccination delivery and evidence for practice - we look forward to welcoming you to future events. 

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