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Shaping Research in Immunisation Workshop

4 June, 2019

At Mary Ward House on 4th June 2019, members of the public and healthcare professionals took part in a HPRU workshop to share their research priorities. We asked attendees to provide feedback on the work of the HPRU and proposed projects, and to provide suggestions for future research.

Speakers included Jo Yarwood and Louise Letley from Public Health England, and Helen McDonald (HPRU Theme 1), Nick Davies (HPRU Theme 2) and Sadie Bell (HPRU Theme 3) from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

Forty-one people took part in the workshop, including 10 members of the public, 19 healthcare professionals and 12 members of the HPRU (from Public Health England and LSHTM). Of the twenty-one members of the public and healthcare professionals who completed the evaluation forms (with tick box options: poor, fair, good, very good and excellent), 15 participants (71%) scored the workshop as excellent, and 6 participants (29%) scored the workshop as very good.

The feedback and insights shared during the workshop will be used to improve the relevance and quality of the research conducted by the HPRU in Immunisation.

Thank you to all attendees – your presence made this workshop a great success and we hope you found the day informative and enjoyable.