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New Preprint - Localising Vaccination Services: Qualitative Insights on an Orthodox Jewish Collaboration with Public health during the UK coronavirus Vaccine Programme

15 September, 2021

Our MedRxiv preprint explores how #PublicHealth services can collaborate with community health groups to 'localise' #COVID19 #vaccination & co-deliver services. This approach offers benefits for minority groups with suboptimal #vaccination coverage

Minority groups in the UK & elsewhere have been disproportionately affected by #COVID19 & are considered less likely to accept available #vaccines. We analyse an attempt to promote & increase #COVID19 vaccination coverage using local community health partners.

A ‘localised’ approach to delivering immunisations can include communication or implementation strategies, but both approaches involve consideration of investment, engagement and coordination, which are not cost-neutral.

Localising vaccination services in collaboration with welfare groups raises opportunities for the on-going Coronavirus Vaccine Programme and other immunisation programmes, and constitutes an opportunity for ethnic and religious minorities to collaborate in safeguarding community health.

Preprint available here: