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HPRU Management Meeting at Wellcome Collection

22 November, 2018

Theme Leads and management met in the Franks Room of the Wellcome Collection on Thursday 22nd November 2018 to discuss recent outcomes and upcoming opportunities for the HPRU in Immunisation.


Potential strategic options for 2020-2025

Anthony Scott, Mary Ramsay

Electronic Health Records, Surveillance and Epidemiology

Options for future research directions - Sara Thomas, Helen MacDonald, Nick Andrews

Presentation and discussion

Mathematical modelling and cost-effectiveness analyses

Options for future research directions - Mark Jit, Caroline Trotter                              

Presentation and discussion

Communications, policy, implementation and vaccine confidence

Options for future research directions - Sandra Mounier Jack, Jo Yarwood

Presentation and discussion

Opportunities for Wider Collaboration

Prof Adam Finn – HPRU in Evaluation, University of Bristol

Dr Anthony Harnden – Academic GP and deputy Chair of JCVI

Dr Matthew Snape – Director of NISEC, University of Oxford

Public Engagement in Setting the Research Agenda 

Pauline Paterson, PPIE Coordinator