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Cheltenham Science Festival HPRU in Immunisation

15 June, 2015

Can we predict pandemics?

HPRU in Immunisation team members Mark Jit and Albert Jan van Hoek joined colleagues at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the Cheltenham Science Festival to take part in the event: 'Can we predict pandemics? The day began with the team setting up a stall and members creating a 'Pegademic' whereby pegs were given to attendees, their peg number and time of infection recorded, and encouraged to put their peg on another attendee, 'infecting them' and spreading the virus. The exercise was designed to illustrate the way in which infections spread throughout. The day finished with a talk given by Albert Jan van Hoek and Erin Lafferty, entitled 'Can we predict pandemics?', which you can listen to here.