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Sadie Bell


Research Fellow

Theme 3 - Vaccine delivery and confidence

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Sadie’s research focuses on working with underserved groups and healthcare professionals involved in vaccination delivery to identify ways to reduce inequalities in vaccination access and uptake. She has worked on and led qualitative studies that explore the challenges faced by underserved migrant and ethnic minority communities in accessing vaccinations.

Before joining LSHTM, Sadie completed a BSc in Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (Adult) at the University of York in March 2011. Following this, she worked as a staff nurse on a haematology and oncology unit and as an oncology research nurse before starting her PhD in September 2013. Sadie’s thesis explored the accessibility and acceptability of HIV services in the UK to adults receiving a positive HIV diagnosis at age 50 years and over, using a mixed-methods approach.