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Research themes

Theme 1: Electronic Health Record Research

This theme focuses on the innovative use of linked anonymised electronic health records to enhance vaccine epidemiology studies. 

The increasing availability of very large linked electronic health datasets raises exciting new opportunities for vaccine-related research.  Anonymised data used in... Read more...

Theme 2: Modelling, Economics, Evidence-synthesis

This theme is focussed on collating and synthesising a large amount of previous work, as well as collecting new information to support decision making regarding vaccination programmes in England.  The Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisations (JCVI) relies on robust cost-effectiveness... Read more...

Theme 3: Vaccine delivery and confidence

The overarching aim of the ‘Vaccine Delivery & Confidence’ research theme is to understand factors that contribute to challenges in programme delivery and performances, lack of public confidence in immunisation and poor vaccine uptake.

The aim is to collect date that will help... Read more...