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Research themes

Theme 1: Making the most of real-world data

This theme aims to increase vaccine coverage and support a data-driven immunisation programme by making the most of digital technologies and linked electronic health records. 



Drive evidence-based immunisation policy 

Improve vaccine coverage and...

Theme 2: Saving lives, optimising taxpayers` investment

Public Health England (PHE) uses models of vaccine-preventable diseases to inform (i) the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation decisions about new vaccine introductions and alterations to the existing schedule; (ii) vaccine procurement;  and (iii) making the public health and economic... Read more...

Theme 3: Immunisation delivery systems and public interactions with vaccines

This theme will examine how immunisation systems work, and evaluate public responses to vaccination programmes. It aims to understand why targeted populations do not always seek vaccination and implementers do not always create opportunities for vaccinating them. Evidence gathered will support... Read more...