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Publications: 2014 - 2021

New publications, April 2020 onwards

[*COVID-19]  Skirrow H, Barnett, S, Bell S, Riaposova L, Mounier-Jack S, Kampmann B, & Holder B. 2022 Jan. Women’s views on accepting COVID-19 vaccination during and after pregnancy, and for their babies: A multi-methods study in the UK. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 22(1):33. 

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[*COVID-19] Williamson EJ, McDonald H et al. 2021 Jul.  Risks of covid-19 hospital admission and death for people with learning disability: population based cohort study using the OpenSAFELY platform BMJ 2021;374:n1592. An easy read summary of this research is also available. 

[*COVID-19] Bell S, Clarke, R. M., Ismail, S. A., Ojo-Aromokudu, O., Naqvi H, Coghill Y, Donovan H, Letley L, Paterson P, & Mounier-Jack S.2021 Apr 22. COVID-19 vaccination beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours among health and social care workers in the UK: a mixed-methods study MedRxiv, 2021.04.23.21255971. 

[*COVID-19] Paterson P, 2021 Apr 16. How will covid-19 vaccine safety concerns impact vaccine confidence? Blog BMJ opinion 

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HPRU 1: April 2014 - March 2020

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