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Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement

At the HPRU in Immunisation we have developed and refined our PPIE aims as of March 2021:
  • Our aim for public involvement is to improve the quality and relevance of research in vaccines and immunisation by the HPRU.
  • Our aim for public engagement is to raise awareness of our research at the HPRU and to share knowledge of research about vaccines.
Our PPIE activities include:
  • Presenting at ‘Pint of Science’ evenings, at ‘Science Museum Lates’, at science days in schools, Cheltenham Science Festival, Wellcome Packed lunch, and podcasts
  • Representation from our public panel at the annual advisory board meeting
  • Requesting and receiving feedback on research documents, such as study information sheets and questionnaires
  • Speaking with parents and adults about their reasons for vaccine hesitancy
 Click here for a copy of our PPIE strategy document.

Recent PPIE events:

28 February 2022: Nigerian parent engagement Workshop

20 January 2022: Webinar: Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy?

17 November 2021: Shaping Research in Vaccines and Immunisation Workshop

20 May 2021: Annual Science Day. How do we assess relative risk and benefit of COVID-19?



If you would like to know more or if you have any questions, please contact our PPIE co-coordinators,
Pauline Paterson: & Sadie Bell: